Cleva Crew Gettin on with Oaklyn, Helsinki Finland 2013. from Kai Kuusisto Photography on Vimeo.

Few questions for Cleva Crew (edited 2. august 2015)

Where did Cleva start and what does the Cleva crew mean to you guys and what’s up these days with the crew?

We got to know each other gradually at dance events, did a couple of performances together and became friends during the holidays. In the summer of 2009 on a trip to the Pori Jazz festival to see Erykah Badu, we decided that now we were going to do this thing. We formed a r n' b centric group and name our group to a Badu song. In the beginning there were 5, and three years ago we became 7.

Cleva Crew has meant close friendships, to be honest, more than just dance. Through the years we've travelled, competed, partied and advanced our careers together. We talked so much crap on holidays that we've probably covered everything between here and the universe. Through our dance we've shared so many similar opinions, feelings and fears, though we're all different personalities.

Can you tell us still who’s doing what these days - word is that most of you are moving abroad!

In June we had our second annual Nordic Soul Festival. In July there's been lots of travelling through Finland and we also had a twerking boot camp, for the fun of it.  Next we will perform in Stockholm at the Stockholm's Kulturfestival but after that we'll go our own ways for a bit. Marika will go to Berlin for her exchange year as part of her studies at the Theatre Academy, Helsinki. Sandra is off to New York to study documentary film making at the School Of Visual Arts. Sanna is off to Stockholm to study at street-dance centric Åsa Folkhögskolan. Kaisa will be a freelance dance artist, Joanna will begin three years of studies at Rovaniemi law studies, Jenni will work in youth psychology and Linda will be making music and singing and performing as solo artist Ms. Lynx.