I`m Kai Kuusisto, Helsinki Finland based photographer, bmx- & mountainbiker, engineer, music lover, outdoor explorer..and a dad. Yeah, I had to list those things because they have molded and guided me here to what I am today. 

I ended up becoming photographer by following my heart as wanky as it may sound. About 15 years ago I was in construction engineering field where I started to really listen what want. Over the years I have had tears of happiness thinking that I had the courage to do the jump to unknown. To sum it up my background to photography is a hobby and passion, not really a planned career. 

We all have a bit different taste, right?

My taste is quite fluid as I dont like to put myself in a box of rules nor do I want to judge any style before really trying or understanding it. But I do care a lot about style tho hating things quietly and I try to end up not hating but loving what I do!

I think it is good to always leave a bit of space for the unexpected even in planned scenarios, keeping all senses open and beeing connected with each other.   
I`m used to working alone or in a team, both are nice. Sometimes just the man and the camera setup is the best and sometimes you need all the lovely help you can get.

Shooting along next to the videomakers or a bigger film crew is nowdays very common for me and I would say I`m good at getting the most out of it. I feel like home at studios or locations, but have to say I have always enjoyed most the whole process of scouting the spot, finding the light and executing the idea in the end! 

I would like to thank everyone that has helped and worked with me along the years, thank you for the journey and I hope to continue sharing the vibes with you trough photography! <3

Kai Kuusisto, 2024 Finland.



+358 405033894

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// Photographer / Creative / Helsinki Finland / 2024 //