Heart Drive by Van Opstaal x Tero Saarinen Company

“A gripping new creation by in-demand Dutch choreographers Imre and Marne van Opstal. An exploration of love, connection and pleasure, as well as the stigmas and moral taboos that exist within. Heart Drive was co-commissioned by Vancouver-based Ballet BC and Tero Saarinen Company.”

Find out more about the piece and the creative team at the Tero Saarinen website.

- Helsinki Finland 2023 -

Hassan Maikal

 Hassan Maikal single covers & promos, Sony Music Finland 2023. 

Stylist: Pali Albin & Hamza  
MUAH: Noor Varrio 
Production: Askel Company
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- Helsinki Finland / 2020 - 2021 -


Jesper for Martin pyörähuolto, Helsinki 2022. 

- Helsinki Finland 2022 -

Emilia Sisco & The Northern Lights

Promo photos for Timmion Records artist Emilia Sisco and her band The Nothern Lights, Helsinki Finland.

Follow and enjoy her sound and lovely energy!

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- Helsinki Finland 2023 -


Brand images for Barona, 2021 Finland. 

Creative agency: N2 Creative
Casting, planning & location scouting: Kai Kuusisto
Casting & production: Pia Nurmi / Blockbusters Gang


Huge thanks to all our lovely talents Alice, Aleksi, Addou, Cliff, Fabio, Rosa, Nicole, Tuuli & Ita!

- Helsinki Finland 2021 -