Heart Drive by Van Opstaal x Tero Saarinen Company

“A gripping new creation by in-demand Dutch choreographers Imre and Marne van Opstal. An exploration of love, connection and pleasure, as well as the stigmas and moral taboos that exist within. Heart Drive was co-commissioned by Vancouver-based Ballet BC and Tero Saarinen Company.”

Find out more about the piece and the creative team at the Tero Saarinen website.

- Helsinki Finland 2023 -

Hassan Maikal

 Hassan Maikal single covers & promos, Sony Music Finland 2023. 

Stylist: Pali Albin & Hamza  
MUAH: Noor Varrio 
Production: Askel Company
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- Helsinki Finland / 2020 - 2021 -

Silmäasema SS23 Sunglasses

Commercial campaign photography for Silmäasema shot during the commercial film shoot by director Tom Hakala and  DOP Tuukka Kovasiipi, 2023 Finland.


Production by Cocoa.
Style by Anne Törnroos.
Photography assistant Mikko Sinervo.

Special thanks to AD Piia Laitila at Silmäasema and the awesome models!

- Helsinki Finland 2023 -


Jesper for Martin pyörähuolto, Helsinki 2022. 

- Helsinki Finland 2022 -

Emilia Sisco & The Northern Lights

Promo photos for Timmion Records artist Emilia Sisco and her band The Nothern Lights, Helsinki Finland.

Follow and enjoy her sound and lovely energy!

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- Helsinki Finland 2023 -